I Hate Rain – A DAY IN MY LIFE


How you would like to start your day ?

If you ask me this question then I’ll say that ” I always dream of  having Momos and rainbow cake for my breakfast and oh! YES how can I forget biriyani for my lunch “. Though it’s not going to happen at least for now, So coming back to reality today I’ll be sharing A day in my life Blog and I’ll also gonna reveal the reason behind the Title “ I HATE RAIN “ and as you all know that I did a IG poll for you guys to choose one topic between two and I got more response for creating a day in my life blog and those who voted for fashion blog don’t worry because i’ll be including my OOTD details as well and yes THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an amazing response, keep showing love and support.


Basically, I woke at 10:30 am excluding those days when I have something productive to do. So it not about a typical day  because  I obviously don’t want to share something boring haha’.

THURSDAY it was or you can say Friday eve i was super excited because we had planned to visit  a good cafe / restaurant for our lunch and to click some pictures for my Instagram. Now you might be thinking that why I’m using the term “WE” , so here we refers to me and my boyfriend Rup.

On that day I woken at around 9 am because it’s was not a simple or regular day for me but more like a happy and productive day then I had my life saver ‘tea’ obviously,  I can never step out of my home without drinking CHAI ( tea )  checked my twitter, instagram, facebook and stalked ‘Shawn Mendes’ for a min, if you follow me on instagram you probably know that i’m a die-hard fan of shawn,  Reason ?  He is extremely young and superbly talented and another fact is that he is only 1 year older than me and I desperately want to marry him it’s sounds crazy, but it’s true af. Okay, coming back to the topic I changed my clothes, did my make-up and yes, I was running late actually extremely late then Rup came to pick me up from my home on his bike and here’s the little journey starts.


The weather was really nice that day and I never excepted to face this disaster because it was sunny but when we visited Rajarhat, kolkata  then suddenly Its started raining, Yes it was raining very hard that was the most ugly situation of my life because i got  so wet that my entire outfit got transparent and then I started screaming like hell that “ I want to go back home right now  “  and he was  like we can’t go back because he was hungry and want visit somewhere for lunch, for me it was totally a disgusting idea cause I was full wet and I can’t even think of walking and then we started having a huge argument but fortunately because of the wind and the sun our cloths slowly stated drying after that we decided a place for our lunch which is located near Ballygaunge and  I guess now you totally know the reason behind why I HATE RAIN, actually I like sunny days over a gloomy day beacause for me a rainy day gives negativity and sad vibes but a sunny day provides neatness and positivity but most importantly it depend upon us, our mind is really beautiful and creative and we have the ability to change anything 


At least I believe that we humans can do more great things for this world for our better future so, never underestimate your-self  you can achieve anything you want to  “sky is the limit man” and another thing which I really want to discuss on this blog is that if you have any sort of tension, depression then try to find a goal in your life so that you can work hard on it i’m saying this because I have seen many people committing suicide and I don’t appricate this suicide thing cause I think there is always a small or big reason to stay happy and motivated. If you’re someone who is reading this and quite depressed about something then try to find something to stay motivated , not everyday is going to be cool and charming, always try to fight for your self suicide is definitely not the way for gaining peace.

 ” Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go “


About The Place where we visited for our lunch.


So, we visited a very beautiful and well decorated place which is known as THE COUNTRY HOUSE CAFE  Located in Bhowanipore near forum mall, Kolkata. classic European decor and ambience. For me it’s a perfect place to spend a day and it’s not even costly. we clicked so many amazing pictures all thanks to the decoration.

The location and the menu is decent but the food is not that impressive they mainly severs vegetarian food. Although it has its own old charm and modern twist. The space is small and cramped and the presence of few people makes the place bustle and seems noisy than it is and I suggest this place for Breakfast only.



All about food. 

As because we went there at lunch time and it was a normal café we got pretty confused about what to order ? The menu was really neat to understand so after a lot of confusion I ordered a white sauce spaghetti 


I’m a fan of eating cheesy food and this spaghetti was super creamy and another great thing was that we can choose the veggies. I selected to had broccoli, mushrooms and sautéed onions.



After having Spaghetti we ordered A Stroganoff, honestly I don’t like the taste it was not that good. It’s just about sautéed vegetable in sauce and mexican rice with lot’s of vinegar. 




And then we tried the yummy Cheesy Pizza. The pizza was fantastically delicious and huge.

Classic Margherita pizza and we ordered it with chicken topping instead of tomato topping.


And for our dessert we had a magical Nutella waffles, it was just perfect. 


Then after paying the bill we clicked few pictures outside the café.

The place is full of vintage vibes.




OOTD details. 

Blue Sequin Printed Stripe Back Knot Jumpsuit from Koovs.com 

Wearing a pink floral Jumpsuit easy to carry, extremely comfy and perfect for summer. The jumpsuit is super classy and its subtle colour make’s it look more attractive. I can wear this anywhere even in my college.




Now, talking about shoes here, I’m wearing sneakers which can never go out of style even now a day women’s are wearing them with saree which really creates a crazy cool look . They are comfortable and stylish. 

” Comfort First babe’s ” 

Shoes from Kook N keech women white textured Slip – on Sneakers.




For adding more volume to my look I used this cool sunglasses from Lulu & sky which gives a vintage touch and an old school vibes. 




After clicking picture we headed back home and while returning we again got wet because of rain. It’s not possible to have a perfect day but we can make it possible if we try to and always try to stay positive and happy because good day is on its way. 


Have a great day. 



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